Tax Advisors North Shore

As qualified Chartered Accountants, Steve and the team at O’Halloran North Shore know tax (and it’s complications) like the back of their hand. We know that’s not the case for most people though. Tax time can be one of the most stressful and confusing times for many individuals and business owners. That’s where we step in.

Save time with our compliance services

We offer a comprehensive range of tax services at O’Halloran North Shore, all aimed at helping you meet your legal and government requirements. We’ll save you time and stress by preparing your tax return, no matter whether it’s a personal or business return. Our team also have the knowledge and experience to assist with all tax issues, from a simple question right through to a complex IRD audit. We’ll take care of all your GST, FBT and PAYE requirements including registration, queries and returns. We know that your tax requirements can be very confusing, and if you don’t have the right advisor, they can be quite costly. Talk to our team to find out how we can help you.

Save money with our tax planning services

Our North Shore Accountants don’t just submit your return and leave it there. Our team of dedicated tax advisors want to help you save as much money as possible. We’ll help you make smart financial decisions that keep more money in your pocket. Our advice on tax effective structuring and planning has saved our clients thousands of dollars every year.

Keep your financials up to date

Preparing your annual financial statements is a great opportunity to review the last year to see what happened, what went well and how you can improve. This review creates a solid foundation for planning the year ahead. Our team won’t just handle the financial statement preparation for all entities, we’ll also help you create a future-proof plan. As qualified Chartered Accountants, you can rest easy knowing we adhere most appropriate financial reporting standards.

Rental Property

At O’Halloran we have the experience and knowledge to help in a variety of areas in relation to residential and commercial property. Our rental property experts provide advice when you’re purchasing a property, review lease agreements, give you advice on funding, guide you to implement steps that can reduce your tax and review your situation regularly to ensure your returns are maximised.

Company compliance

Forming a company and ensuring all the appropriate documentation and registrations are completed can be a complex task. At O’Halloran we are able to assist by ensuring that when your company is formed, all required documentation is completed quickly and accurately, and is able to satisfy all statutory requirements. We make the process simple and easy so you don’t have to worry.

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