Back Online

It has been a while since our last post online…..I suppose that is what happens when you lose your login details for your social media accounts…..However passwords are reset and you’ll see more of us now…

A few updates;

  • We are continuing to make good progress on our tax return filing with IRD on behalf of you our clients. We will be having a big push over the next 7 weeks leading into Christmas so if you have not sent in your March 2017 stuff then start collating and sending it into us as soon as possible. We will be reaching out to you also over the next few weeks.
  • The last few weeks have seen a new NZ Government be announced, and details of their plans for the next 3 years are starting to come out. We will keep you updated on changes in the business and tax environment as all signs are that there will be changes.
  • We are looking at continuing to make all our lives more efficient via the use of technology and one feature of our Xero software that I am loving at the moment is their e-signature function on GST, Income Tax and Rebate returns. We will be looking to make this our default going forward as it will save on the whole – email – print – sign – scan – email process for a manual signature.
  • During the┬álast 7 months we have hosted an intern from Massey University, Matt. Below is a picture of Matt making his internship presentation last month. It is great that Matt will be joining us in a graduate role towards the end of next month after he finishes up his exams. Good luck with those exams Matt and look forward to having you as part of the team.